These are our wonderful adults.  They are in our home.  We deliver all pups by hand and the mothers are monitored by our vets.

Our Beautiful Mia.  She is a Cream Havanese.

Mia is a cream Havanese

The Sweet and Calm Phoebe.  She is a Black and white tri-color

Phoebe is a Tri Color Havanese

Our adorable Lanie.

Lanie is a Tri Color Havanese.

Lanie and Izzy.  Lanie is a Silver tri color girl and Izzy is a chocolate and white Irish Pied, Izzy is one of our spayed females.   .

Lanie- Tri color Havanese and Izzy Chocolate and White Havanese

Here is our Heid, she is a black and white parti. The second photo is Heidi and Jax

Heidi is a black and white, and Jax is a Chocolate and White Havanese

Our adorable Jax.  Chocolate and White Male

Jax- Chocolate and white Havanese

Rusty a little Red and White parti.

Rusty is a Red and White Havanese