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 A note from Desi’s Mom:  “his face looks kind of like when he was a little puppy!  He continues to be the light of my life!  I’m still thanking my lucky stars that I found him!  He is really such an amazing little guy– so clever, and loyal, and entertaining, and a great watchdog too!”



The overall health of Havanese dogs is very good. As Havanese Breeders we need to pay close attention to all health issues if we are to maintain healthy Havanese puppies and dogs.

Havanese The Real Cuban Breed

Havanese dogs, the Havanese breed as we know today was originally brought to Cuba from the Mediterranean for the royalty and rich elite of Cuba. Today they enjoy the title of the National dog of Cuba. They are also referred to as the Bichon Havanese, BichonHabaneros, or as the Havana Silk Dog. Their loving temperaments make them one of the most enjoyable dogs to own. They are very trainable and display their love of life every day.

Raising the Standard

Our pups are raised to the AKC standard. Our Havanese puppies are socialized very early. Starting at birth we assist the mother during whelping to make sure mother and pups are the best they can be. Just about the time their eyes are opening they have already learned who we are through touch, feel and smell. Our puppies are slowly weaned by their moms, we feed high quality pet food. Pups are socialized and begin potty training with us.