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We travel to Tampa/Sarasota and possibly can deliver your pup. Also we fly pups via Delta Dash/Priority Pet.  Healthy Champion Lines. We are not a Kennel, providing the best health and socialization, Pups are raised in our homes, with lots of love an attention. We work to potty train your new baby.  
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Michele and Charley at 517-719-0197
Patrick at 517-327-8202 or 
Our pups are raised in our home which makes them better prepared for your home, They are puppy pad trained and beginning their outside training.  Perfect for the busy and working families.
Three of our sweet pups in their new home in Florida.

VanCort's Classic Bentley our little chocolate man heading for the show ring soon.

Health Guaranteed Parents Health tested AKC Small Havanese Breeder with pups available.

Our pups are health guaranteed. Havanese Dogs are sturdy little family pets. We also offer Chocolate Havanese. VanCort's is located in Michigan, our families raise our pups in our homes. Pups are delivered by Canine OB trained family members, to insure the best start to their life. They are socialized from that first day.

We love our pups to go home with a sibling or buddy! Ask about special pricing for 2 pups.

Havanese come in all colors. Colors include Black, silver, white, red, gold, chocolate, cream and white. Havanese are also found having parti colors as well as sables. All colors are acceptable to the AKC

Havanese History The Real Cuban Breed-Havanese dogs, the Havanese breed as we know today was originally brought to Cuba from the Mediterranean for the royalty and rich elite of Cuba. Today They enjoy the title of the National dog of Cuba. They are also referred to as the Bichon Havanese, Bichon Habaneros, or as the Havana Silk Dog. Their loving temperaments make them one of the most enjoyable dogs to own. They are very trainable and display their love of life every day.

Havanese History-From AKC

The Havanese, new to the AKC, is an old breed with title to a colorful history. The Havanese is the National dog of Cuba and its only native breed. The dog’s journey to Cuba most likely was aboard the trade ships sailing from the island of Tenerife chronicled in ship’s logs of the early sixteenth century. Cuban trade was highly restricted by the Spanish, for many years allowing Tenerife to be one of the only open ports, and it would appear these little dogs who had found their way into homes of Cuban aristocracy developed without much outside influence. 

The tropical environs of their homeland appears to have influenced the Havanese development, specifically their unique coat texture. Once called the Havana Silk Dog, or the Spanish Silk Poodle, the coat is like raw silk floss, profuse, but extremely light and soft, insulating and protective of harsh tropical rays. 

As Colonial Cuba developed and prospered the popularity of the Havanese grew. By the mid-eighteenth century they were trendy in Europe, often exhibited in European dog shows and type was well established. As Cuban culture shifted the little dog of Havana, adaptable as always, became a family dog extraordinare, playmate of children, watchdog, and herder of the family poultry flock. 

With the advent of the Cuban revolution, the class of Cubans who owned Havanese was the first to leave. A handful of them found their way to the United States, and by the end of the 70s a gene pool was being rebuilt. All the Havanese in the world today, save those from the "iron curtain" countries and those remaining in Cuba, stem from 11 little immigrants. Remarkably, through all their travels, Havanese type and purpose has remained virtually unchanged for the past hundred and fifty years.

Raising the Standard-Our pups are raised to the AKC standard. Our Havanese puppies are socialized very early. Starting at birth we assist the mother during whelping to make sure mother and pups are the best they can be. Just about the time their eyes are opening they have already learned who we are through touch, feel and smell. Our puppies are slowly weaned by their moms; we feed high quality pet food. Pups are socialized and begin potty training with us. 

From a Happy Family. "This letter is for anyone who's considering purchasing a havanese puppy from this breeder.  I was able to visit this place prior to purchasing a puppy as often as I wished.  I always felt comfortable and welcomed.  I visited other breeders but felt this one was the most knowledgeable about havanese dogs.  I couldn't help but fall in love with these dogs.  Even the parents of our puppy were very good dogs.  I cannot say enough good things about Vancort's Havanese.  If you are considering purchasing a havanese dog please know that you have made an excellent choice if you purchase one here.  I have 3 boys who are very happy we have Ozzie as a new member of our family thanks to Vancort's Havanese.  Thank you for all of your help with Ozzie!"



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